Infuse Your Business With Meaning


Increase margins and overall profitability

Increase employee’s engagment by enhancing their intrinsic motivation

Greater retention of highly engaged employees

People with high reward levels show greater concentration and are rated as more effective by their bosses. But the benefits extend beyond self-management. The intrinsic rewards are strong predictors of retention.te that this is the “right” kind of retention—keeping the people who are energized and self-mana Noging rather than those who can’t afford to leave.(

Decrease overhead (less middle management, less theft, less inefficiency)

Employees/suppliers/clients have aligned goals and values

This builds a sense of community a feel of we are all in this together (

Employees become informal recruiters and marketers for their organization.

Employees with high levels of intrinsic rewards also become informal recruiters and marketers for their organization. They recommend the organization to friends as a place to work and recommend its products and services to potential customers. (

Healthy and sustainable source of motivation for employees

The intrinsic rewards are also a relatively healthy and sustainable source of motivation for employees. There is little chance of burnout with this form of motivation. Workers with high reward levels experience more positive feelings and fewer negative ones on the job. Their job satisfaction is higher, they report fewer stress symptoms, and are more likely to feel that they are developing professionally. (